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Scilly given extra £8,000 for social care

The Council of the Isles of Scilly has been awarded £7,913 from the government as its share of the £150m additional funding for social care.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid (left) announced earlier this week that local authorities will receive a funding boost for social care services amid increasing financial pressures.

He said: “Having listened to representations since the provisional settlement, I am today announcing a further £150m in 2018-19 for an adult social care support grant.

“This will be taken from anticipated underspend in existing departmental budgets, and will not affect existing revenue commitments made ‎to local government.

“This will be allocated according to relative needs and we will expect to see councils use it to build on their progress so far in supporting sustainable local care markets.”

He also announced an additional £16m for Rural authorities, a category that does not include the Isles of Scilly.

The islands' Council said of the news: "This is additional money from a government departmental underspend. The Council will be using the £8,000 to support Park House."


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