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Garrison Festival money donated to good causes

The money raised from last summer's Garrison Sports and Music Festival has been shared between nine local and national causes.

Photo by John Dart

The event, on Sunday, August 27th, included a variety of sports for children and adults, as well as ten hours of live music from local bands.

It has now been revealed that the proceeds have gone to the following causes:

Cancer Research £1,000

St Mary’s Gig Club £750

Music on Scilly £750

Football Club £500

Cricket Club £250

St John’s Ambulance £150

Junior Rugby Club £100

Christmas Lights £100

Adam Mallon Fund £100

Organiser Martyn Songhurst told This is Scilly: "It's taken a while to get all the bills in from the various people that we needed to pay. The last bill just came in so I sat down with Stuart Hitchens, one of the other main organisers, and Dom Wild, who's really important for the music. The three of us looked at where the money has gone in previous years, who’s helped this year and divvied it up accordingly."

Martyn explained that he and former islander Mark Twynham, who started the festival together, originally decided any profits would go to local causes, which have remained fairly constant through the years.

He said: "The people who help us set up, like the Football Club, they get a lot of money. The Gig Club fronted the money in the first place to buy the stock this year, and they did the bar, so they get some money.

"We keep it local where possible but also roped in some serious help on the gate from Sheila Thomas and she’s quite big in Cancer Research so they get something as well. Beryl Read comes up and offers free first aid so St John's Ambulance get a donation."

The organisers are now looking to hold the event every two years now that the IP holds the Islands' Regatta on the same weekend on alternate years.

Martyn added: "I'd just like to say thanks for the support and help we’ve had down the years. We don’t get billed by everyone. For instance, Richard Hand brings a load of kit up there for us and never bills us. Local people putting time and effort in makes it worthwhile. And hopefully lots and lots of local and national charities have benefitted through the years."

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