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Ofsted: Mundesley House progress 'remarkable'

An Ofsted monitoring report on Mundesley House has described its progress since September 2016 as “remarkable”.

A full inspection of the school boarding facility in September 2016 identified significant shortfalls, primarily in respect of leadership and management. The provision has been led by an interim executive board (IEB), which has “worked tirelessly to identify and address significant and widespread issues relating to safeguarding and poor practice while, at the same time, trying to raise standards linked to education”.

The new report said that “despite some shortfalls being identified”, the progress that has been made since the last inspection is remarkable.

It read: “Children choose to stay in the home during the evenings and take part in a variety of activities instigated by the houseparents. One of the children stated to the inspector that things are so much better now and they ‘feel cared for’. Good interactions were observed between the houseparents and their family and the children who stay with them.”

Pupils spoken to during the inspection stated that they “really enjoy spending time at the boarding house”, with the report adding: “During the inspection, laughter and fun filled the whole house at the end of the school day, and all of the children were involved in activities together.”

Parents also noted positive and regular communication with the houseparents.

Although the inspection found that “significant work” is needed to improve the overall condition of the facility, the houseparents have made "significant changes that have resulted in communal areas being used and enjoyed by children".

The relationship between the school and the boarding house was also described as much improved, with regular meetings between the houseparents and school head Jo Yeates.

Some shortfalls identified at the last inspection remained, primarily relating to a lack of action in terms of supervision, training and appraisal of the houseparents.

Read the full report here.


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