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Islanders invited to discuss self-sufficient Scilly

Islanders are invited to meet tonight to discuss ways to make Scilly more self-sufficient.

Transition Scilly is a community group that aims to help everyone on Scilly "reduce their carbon footprint and increase the islands' resilience".

Andrew Combes said the meeting is an opportunity for "those that have no idea what Transition Scilly is about, to come along, and hopefully go away with a better understanding".

He added: "At a time when there is a lot happening on Scilly regarding renewable technology, Transition Scilly offers the community a chance of 'a seat at the table' when important decisions are being made that will affect us all for a long time to come."

The meeting will discuss the group's plans for 2018, which include the Community Orchard, energy (e.g. bulk buying and guides), a possible car club, water (water saving, public fountains, etc) and other ideas.

Cllr Jonathan Smith said: "The single most important thing is to try to get more people involved and committed."

The meeting takes place in the Lyonesse Restaurant at the Scillonian Club at 8pm.

Transition Scilly is part of the Transition movement, which refers to grassroot community projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency in order to reduce the effects of peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability.

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