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ISSG to launch new freight system, pricing

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group has outlined major changes to its freight operation to take effect next year.

Freight Services Manager Gemma Summerwill said the company is working to solve problems identified by residents in its islander survey last year.

She said: “We have had some issues with our electronic freight system and with more than 100 codes for different freight, it can be difficult to ensure that no mistakes are made.

“The old pricing system has not always been clear or transparent enough, and we know people have experienced problems with accessing price lists, or invoices that clearly detail what they need to know; for example the current system lists a quantity, but that could mean the number of consignments, kilos, or even tonnes. We want to make the system much clearer and easier for users to understand."

On the changes coming in, Gemma said: “Hopefully in February - although with any project there is going to be a little bit of room for manoeuvre - we will have a brand new electronic system coming in which we will be using to book freight. This means we can provide brand new monthly invoices that will provide quantities and weights, which will reduce the errors immensely.

“The launch of the new electronic freight system will also mean a new pricing list, which again we’ve never had before. It will fit on an A4 page, it will be printable and accessible through our website, and it will be very clear and transparent. It will finally mean that the majority of residents - assuming they’re not doing major building projects - will be on the same pricing structure.

“This was a major thing we were asked for a year ago when we did the islander survey. People don’t understand the current pricing, so we’ve tried to make it very logical, fair and consistent. We'll need to do that in a very controlled way to make sure we get it right. For instance, we'll need to look at households on the islands to make sure that with implementing the new pricing structure, we’re not suddenly going to make people’s income and expenditures erratic because of what we’re doing.

“We are hoping at this stage that the new price list will be launched with the new electronic freight system. So they will be two very large things which are coming into play next year.”


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