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Council leads live training exercise

The Council of the Isles of Scilly led a multi-agency live training exercise at St Mary’s Airport last week.

An ‘Exercise Bronze Cascade’ took place on the evening of Tuesday, November 14th to help ensure that the islands are "fully prepared for a real emergency".

The exercise, featuring a hypothetical "plane incident" at the airport, involved the Council, Police, Fire and Rescue Service, South West Ambulance, Air Traffic Control and Skybus.

There was also assistance from unpaid volunteers from HM Coastguard and the Council who played casualties and Skybus passengers.

The Council said in a statement: "Everyone did a great job fulfilling their roles and helped to really test our services.

"As with any Exercise there were lots of learning points that will enable us to improve how agencies and services respond to future incidents. A debrief will be held with each agency attending the Exercise to gather those learning points and put an action plan into place.

"The Council would like thank everyone who took part in the event for their hard work and enthusiasm."

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