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Islanders urged to hand in unwanted guns

Islanders are being urged to hand in any unwanted firearms or ammunition without fear of prosecution during a national Firearms Surrender this month.

Devon & Cornwall Police are taking part in a campaign by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) between November 13th and 26th.

Sgt Mary Ross posted on social media: "This is an ideal opportunity for people who no longer want their firearms, be they rifles, shotguns and ammunition to hand them in, no questions asked!! If you have anything else lurking that you just didn’t know how to get rid of safely and lawfully this is your chance.

"Just bring them to the police station during those dates and we can deal with them for you. Alternatively if you are unable to get to the station give us a call on 01720 422444 and we will assist where we can."

The surrender also applies to replica firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, antique (obsolete calibre) guns, component parts and other ballistic items.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jo Chilton, Head of NABIS, said: "Surrendering unwanted or illegal firearms avoids the risk of them becoming involved in crime and means that members of the community can dispose of them in a safe place.

"Perhaps you have a gun that has been handed down through the family or you have found a firearm in your loft or shed which has been gathering dust and you had forgotten about.

"During the campaign this November you can contact your local force and hand in any unwanted or illegal firearms. This way you can be confident you have got rid of a firearm safely."

More than 6,000 items were handed in to police during the last national Firearms Surrender in 2014.


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