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New book about Isles of Scilly released

A new book about a family's ten years of visits to the Isles of Scilly has been released on Amazon.

The Isles of Scilly: Britain's Most Amazing Islands is by Alan Peters, a freelance journalist and author from the Midlands.

The book's description reads: "Learn about the individual characters of the different islands, share in the triumphs and disasters this ordinary family have experienced. Discover the location of the world's best tuna sandwiches, find out about touring the main island by golf cart... learn a bit about the locals who live on this tropical paradise, somehow to be found in Northern Europe."

Alan, who visits the islands with his wife and two daughters, told This Is Scilly that his family love what the archipelago has to offer.

"I wrote about Scilly because I wanted to share what we, as a family, enjoy," he said. "I know [it] will attract only a niche market, but it was fun to do. The book is not intended to be a lowdown on everything Scilly, nor even a reference book, just an account of the fun we have had over the years, and some of the things we have learned about."

Alan and family usually stay in the Old Customs House under the Post Office arch on St Mary's.

Of his favourite memories, he said: "Landing at the airport, breathing the different air and knowing that we have a whole fortnight ahead of us. Walking on Samson when the girls were young, picking shells. I think we emptied the beach one year... Seal snorkelling was amazing. Rides to the off islands.

"One night we had a meal at Karma on St Martins; we hired a boat to bring us back to St Mary's and bounced over the waves - our youngest laughed so much we genuinely thought that she would bounce into the sea. When we can get there, we love stopping on Tean. Having lunch at Carn Vean. The list goes on. Most of these experiences are in the book."

Find out more about Alan's work at The book is available on kindle and in paperback at Amazon.


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