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Watersports business helped by Voucher Scheme

A watersports hire business on Porthcressa is the latest venture to receive funding via the Isles of Scilly Voucher Scheme.

Richard and Amelia Mills, who ran Spero's Beach Cafe until earlier this year, were given support from the ERDF fund to purchase new kayaks, SUP boards, a trailer and other equipment for their new business.

Voucher Scheme Engagement Officer Kirsty Graham said: "Due to the recent successful regeneration of the Porthcressa area and the close proximity to Hugh Town, Porthcressa is one of the busiest beaches on the islands, especially for daytrippers.

"The investment from the Voucher Scheme is expected to drive revenue and turnover to the business through supporting access to these markets, as well as creating additional jobs and providing an exciting new service to the area." Richard said; ‘For me, the Voucher Scheme has enabled me to kickstart my venture a season earlier and launch into it full tilt, setting up with all new and high end equipment rather than slowly building up the venture. It gave me the opportunity to start fully equipped and took a degree of the risk out of setting up.

"While we haven't had the best first summer due to poor weather, the financial assistance the Voucher Scheme has given us has enabled me to carry on pushing through the season, whereas without the investment help I may have had to cut any losses earlier.

"The last couple of weeks of good weather have shown the business potential there is at this site and given us a good insight into the potential growth and successes this project can achieve and I hope it will have in future seasons."

Kirsty added: "This was an excellent project for us that made it easy to invest in. They are expanding their business and offering new services and employment to the islands. As a scheme we are actively seeking out these projects, big or small, that will create sustainable jobs, deliver business growth and look forward to being able to invest in their future successes. If you think you have a business growth or business start up project please do pop in and see us for a chat as we may be able to help."

Other applicants to benefit from the Voucher Scheme include St Mary's Bike Hire, mobile food business 28 Mile Grill, and Scilly Property & Gardening Services.

Find out more about the Isles of Scilly Voucher Scheme here.


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