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Scilly 'Cats in Windows' book released

A new book that puts words and poetry to the Swanborough Twins' popular paintings of cats against a backdrop of Isles of Scilly scenes is now available on Kindle.

Author Janeta Hevizi spent six years working on a book to accompany the artwork of island twins Patsy and Janet Swanborough, who own Rosehill Studio on St Mary's.

She said: "When you delve into this book, you can see, hear, smell and feel the Atlantic breeze coming in off the sea, in through the window, mixing with the homely atmosphere within. For the cats in the windows, there is no cosier, safer place to be. So, take in the views and enjoy the warmth of the pages, and the words that have been inspired by the Swanborough Twins’ stunning Isles of Scilly cat paintings."

Janeta - whose previous work includes Shanti the Wandering Dog of Sennen and Land's End and The True Story of Bilbo the Surf Lifeguard Dog - says of the paintings: “I love the contrast between the cosy, warm world of the cats inside the windows and the timeless natural settings of tranquil Scillonian Atlantic scenes outside. In fact I found myself lost in the atmosphere of each painting, every one of which really spoke to me."

Janeta said she was "blown away by the magical atmosphere and scenery" when she first visited the islands and developed a "natural affinity" with the Swanborough Twins when speaking to them by phone.

"I remain awestruck by the talent and skill of these two amazing artists and the hours and hours of painstaking work they put into each and every painting, capturing the atmosphere and scenery of the Isles of Scilly so exquisitely, not to mention the cats."

However, she cautioned: "I must stress that the words herein are purely my representation/reaction to the art of Janet and Patsy Swanborough, and obviously I cannot ever be sure if any of what I have written is an exact reflection of what the Swanborough Twins wished to create and felt as they were inspired to paint these wonderful pictures."

Both professional artists, Patsy and Janet Swanborough moved to St Mary's in 1978, and opened their art studio Rosehill Studios on St Mary's in 1987. Five of the ‘Cats In Windows’ paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibitions, giving Janet and Patsy the distinction of being the only living twins to have exhibited in the same year.

The book is available via Amazon at the special introductory offer price of £2.99.


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