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Freight ship Mali Rose replaces Gry for first time

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group’s new freight ship has made its first voyage to the islands as a replacement for the Gry Maritha.

In yesterday's latest operational trial, the Mali Rose replaced the Gry's scheduled sailing for the first time.

On its second visit to the Isles of Scilly, the new vessel carried around 70 tonnes of cargo including chilled and frozen goods, aggregate, vehicles and items classed as ‘dangerous goods’ in order to test the ship’s systems and procedures. The ship will now make a number of trial runs on the 28-mile journey from the mainland.

Steamship Group chief executive Rob Goldsmith said: “This was the first time we’ve tested the Mali Rose as a replacement for the Gry and we’re really pleased with how it went. The new ship gives us much more capacity and we look forward to her entering full-time service.”

The Mali Rose will provide increased freight carrying capacity and capabilities. She has larger and more flexible chilled and freezer storage, ensuring that larger volumes of perishable cargo can be transported to and from Scilly. A new heavy lift crane that can lift up to 15 tonnes – more than twice the six-tonne limit of the Gry Maritha’s crane – will allow the transport of larger, specialised freight such as large vehicles, plant and equipment.

A farewell for the Gry, which has delivered freight to the islands for 27 years, will take place on St Mary’s later in August before her last sailing, and islanders will be invited to say goodbye to the ship when she is berthed alongside the quay. A date for a farewell event will be announced soon.

The Mali Rose began her sea trials last month. In May, the IOSG explained why it was still using the Gry Maritha more than a year after purchasing its replacement.


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