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Scilly recycled 343 tonnes of waste last year

A total of 343 tonnes of waste were recycled on the islands in 2016/17.

Porthmellon Waste Site by SCY TV

The biggest tonnage was mixed glass, followed by green garden and scrap metal.

The totals in each category are as follows: (WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic items).

Mixed Glass 175.96

Mixed Cans 13.17

Green Garden 59.38

WEEE Large (eg TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, hoovers etc.)19.62

WEEE Small (eg toasters, kettles, radios, lights etc) 4.65

WEEE Fridges & Freezers 4.52

Scrap Metal 44.38

Mixed Tyres 0.75

Vegetable Oil 7.57

Clean Flat Glass (CLEAR GLASS) 0.56

Household DIY (RUBBLE) 0.12

Textiles 12.352

TOTAL 343.032

At a public meeting on St Mary's in March, the Council's Senior Manager for Infrastructure Craig Dryden said that he hoped to expand the islands' current limited recycling effort and move on to a comprehensive scheme from June. However, the redevelopment of the Porthmellon Waste Management site is not yet complete so any recycling expansion has been delayed.

The Isles of Scilly currently recycles around 20% of its waste.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army clothes recycling bank behind the Town Hall, which is run by volunteers, collected 12.352 tonnes of clothing in 2016/17 and 4.21 tonnes in the first quarter of this year (April to June inc).

The Council allows the Salvation Army to use the Town Hall site and collects the data, while volunteers empty the clothes bank and deal with everything else.


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