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Burger van owner files complaint against Council

28 Mile Grill owner Phil Fallows has said he feels "massively let down" by the Council over its failure to agree a suitable trading site for him.

Phil has been forced to switch pitches several times since he debuted the mobile catering trailer, which specialises in gourmet burgers and seafood, at the end of March.

He told This is Scilly: "We're very fed up with the current situation. We feel like we've been massively let down by the Council, in particular Licensing. There has been a few things said which I would like to set the record straight on.

"The first being that we didn't refuse the site on Carn Thomas. The reason we didn't go for it was simply because the trailer was too big to enter the car park without damaging the trailer and the wall as it's just too tight, with not enough room to turn once I've gone through the entranceway.

"On the same hand we also believe the business won't be sustainable on a site out of town as being on the quay for the last couple of weeks has proved that as our trade has suffered disastrously. It always felt like the Council would prefer this option (the quay) as that way they can just wash their hands of the whole thing and it won't be their problem anymore.

"And the second is that I got the trailer made without consulting anyone in the first place! This just isn't true at all; before we started the process of getting the trailer made we went to Licensing with plans and measurements and were told that it wouldn't be a problem and to continue. This was before we ever spoke to the Duchy regarding the quay.

"Our first plan was always to go for a place in town. We were then offered a pitch on the old quay, which was great. However, it fell through, so we went back to the original idea of getting a pitch in town. This came about around the same time the tenders came up for the two sites at the back of the town hall so we put a bid in.....and it just so happened ours was the highest bid out of the three current street traders but I missed out without any explanation at all. Why did they make us go through the tender process if they had already made their decision?"

Planning applications were submitted by the Council in early in July for new fixed trading sites by the Park on the Parade and on the Lower Strand. However, both proposals were subsequently withdrawn.

Phil added: "We are currently under the process of filing an official complaint against the Council on the matter and it's now under investigation and hope the situation will be rectified as soon as possible. However, we don't hold out much hope as the Council have made a complete hash of the whole thing up to now."

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