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Wildlife Trust seeks help to reduce dog, human poo

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has asked islanders to help reduce the amount of dog - and human - poo on St Mary's.

Rangers have recently had to deal with both canine and human excrement while cutting paths around the island.

The Trust posted on social media: "Does a Ranger poop in the woods? No they don't but clearly somebody (or somebody's do) and their dogs!

"The last couple of days haven't been happy ones for the Ranger Team. Whilst clearing paths they have had to deal with not only a lot of dog poo (more than usual), but human poo too. Brushcutters and poo (both bagged and un-bagged) are a bad combination - please just imagine this for a second.

"The Rangers are merrily cutting paths around St Mary's, for the benefit of all who live on or visit the Islands, they cannot see poo/bags of poo in the long vegetation... Brushcutter + poo/poo bag = horrible mess and poses a real health risk."

"Rangers are spending the next few days concentrating on getting not only their machinery clean and fit for purpose again, but also themselves."

The post went on to ask for ideas to combat the problem and help Rangers cut the paths safely, insisting that they are not looking for "finger pointing, blame or a witch hunt".

"What will help people to not only clear up after their dogs, but also themselves? Do we need to include on our Walks Around St Mary's Maps locations of poo-bins and toilet stops? Would it help if dog owners could get small robust bags, which clip on to belt loops, for their canine friends bagged deposits to go in; so they don't have to be carried to the nearest bin?"

Find out how to contact the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust via their website.


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