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Andrew George 'will not walk away' after election loss

Scilly's former MP Andrew George has vowed that he will not give up after narrowly missing out on regaining his seat in the election.

Andrew represented the St Ives constituency from 1997 until 2015, when he was defeated by Conservative Derek Thomas. He had hoped to regain the seat last night.

However, he lost out by just 312 votes, gaining 21,808 to Derek's 22,120. Labour candidate Chris Drew had 7,298 votes.

In a speech after the result, he said: "I suspect we may be back here before the end of the year, given what has happened nationally. Sorry, don't get too depressed about that thought, please.

"I said in 2015 I wouldn't walk away and I'm certainly not walking away now. We need to give people across West Cornwall hope for the future and that means that we have to continue campaigning for our public services, for a fair society, for a decent environment, for a strong economy."

In his own speech, winner Derek Thomas thanked the Isles of Scilly for counting its votes so that the final result would not have to wait for the islands' ballot boxes to arrive on the mainland.

He went on: "This has been a tough campaign but I've enjoyed it. What I particularly love about this job is knocking on doors and hearing what people have to say, what their concerns are ... and now because of this vote I can pick up on those and continue to do the work I've started to do.

"I know what an enormous privilege this is. I will serve every single member of the constituency as that's after all what they deserve. West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been my home and I love it... and I will do everything I can to be the best possible representative and to get what what we need down here from Westminster."

St Ives, the most marginal seat in Cornwall, was one of the last to declare, finally doing so just after 7.30am. All six constituencies in Cornwall were won by the Conservatives.


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