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'Extreme Cake Makers' creating Scillonian cake

A Penzance company that features on Channel 4's Extreme Cake Makers is creating a spectacular cake for the Scillonian III's 40th birthday.

Peboryon, one of five cake artists included in the show, is in the process of making "an exact 1:70 replica of the Scillonian III in glorious Victoria sponge, delicious fondant icing and yummy chocolate ganache".

There have been several events in Penzance this month to celebrate the Scillonian III's 40 years in service, concluding with a fireworks display over the harbour this Thursday evening (May 24th). The celebrations will move to Scilly in June, with exact details yet to be released.

Phil Jepson, who runs Peboryon with wife Christine, told This is Scilly News: "We are trying to get the cake to be as accurate to the original as possible, right down to the right number of life rafts! It is a privilege and a challenge to recreate the Scillonian in cake. Everyone loves the ship and knows it so well so we really want to make sure we do it justice."

Phil explained that the biggest challenges in creating the replica are the level of detail and the vessel's shape.

"There are so many things on the ship: seats, pipes, masts…literally hundreds.. So we have a checklist we are working our way through to try and make sure we don’t miss anything out."

The finished product, measuring 3ft long, 6" wide and 12" inches high, will include 54 mini fondant seats and six fondant cranes.

"The shape of the ship is tricky, particularly the prow - there are some things that fondant does not want to do and one of those is hang on to the underside of the ship!"

Phil added: "We will be finishing it up tonight and tomorrow. It's looking like it is going to be one of our best cakes yet."

The cakes' vital statistics:

Dimensions - the boat is an exact 1:70 replica of the real Scillonian III measuring 3 feet long, 6 inches wide and 12 inches high 60 eggs 2.5 kg of flour 2.5 kg of sugar 5.5 kg of butter 4 kg of fondant icing 2.5 kg of white chocolate ganache 1 kg of strawberry jam 54 mini fondant seats 6 fondant life rings 6 fondant cranes


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