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Dr Heike Dorn invites vets to Scilly

Scilly's vet Dr Heike Dorn is inviting fellow vets, student vets and RVNs to spend a week volunteering with her on the islands.

During her ten years working on Scilly, Heike has cared for a variety of species from seals, blue sharks and dolphins to reindeer, hedgehogs and a skunk, as well as domestic pets, birds and cattle.

She told Vet Times: “I never know what is going to happen because there is a limited amount of animals, but if none of them are sick and there are no seals to help, there is nothing to do.

"On the other hand, it could be very busy and so hectic that I have to be in three places at once, which makes it stressful."

She added: “Whatever happens, [volunteers] will have the opportunity to explore the isles, which are beautiful.”

Accommodation consists of a 'personal bedroom with shared living space with Dr Heike relevant to term time'. Other dates could apply if alternative accommodation is found.

Anyone interested is asked to email references and a CV to


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