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Longstone owner: 'Local support has been fabulous'

The new co-owner of Longstone Cafe on St Mary's has said locals have been very supportive since it opened last week.

Amy Hiron took on the former Longstone Heritage Centre with sister Suzy and fiance Colin Jenkins last year, renaming it Longstone Lodge & Cafe. A nine-bedroom hostel will open on the property in 2018.

"It was quite hectic leading up to the cafe opening," she said. "As with any project when you're building there's always things you don't see until the last minute; there are still things we want to do and have got to do just on the cafe side before we even start on the hostel."

Colin was the project manager on the cafe build and will go on to start on the hostel, as well as fish for lobster for the cafe. Meanwhile, Amy and Suzy are taking care of day-to-day operations.

"I was very, very, very nervous about working in the kitchen as I've never done it before," said Amy. "I've done a lot of waitressing and working front of house so I wasn't worried about that particularly but I was definitely nervous about the kitchen. But it's been great, the community support has been fabulous. We've seen so many local people over the last few days, particularly over the weekend.

"There have been a few little teething snags, like we still need the handles on the bathroom doors! From my side it's just getting the hang of how much food to order. I had no idea how many cans of coke to order or how many loaves of bread, although speaking to other cafe owners, there's no pattern to the season anyway and you never quite get it right so I'll just have to do my best."

Amy and Colin will marry at Longstone at the end of July and are in the process of obtaining a license for weddings. "We're going to start advertising to do weddings for next season," Amy explained. "The summer house will be the main licensed ceremony room, although the cafe will be licensed as well.

"The general idea is that we'll be able to do a small ceremonies, maybe up to 30 people, 40 max."

Longstone Cafe is open every day between 10.30am and 4.30pm throughout the year. Find out more at


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