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Amanda Martin disappointed by election result

Outgoing Chairman Amanda Martin has said she is "disappointed" not to have retained her seat on the islands' council but wished the new Members luck.

Amanda finished 13th out of 18 in the St Mary's election, meaning that she missed out on a place on the new 16-Member council.

She said: "Obviously, I am disappointed that I was not re-elected to the Council of the Isles of Scilly, as I should have liked the opportunity to continue to work on behalf of islanders.

"The Local Authority has achieved much to be proud of in the past four years and I should like to thank all our colleagues - members of council and staff - for all their hard work on behalf of the residents of the Isles of Scilly."

She added: "Good luck to the new Council!"

Amanda has been the Chairman of Council for the last four years and a Member since 2005.

The new Isles of Scilly Council consists of Robert Francis, Fran Grottick, Adrian Davis, Joel Williams, Avril Mumford, Ted Moulson, Steve Watt, Euan Rodger, Dan Marcus, Andy Guy, Mike Nelhams, Steve Sims, Jonathan Smith, Harry Legg, Marian Berkeley and Robert Dorrien-Smith.

The new Chairman will be elected on May 25th.


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