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Scilly's dentist to leave after summer

The Isles of Scilly's dentist Monica Wu is to leave the islands after the summer.

Monica took on the role last year following Bob Seddon's retirement in Autumn 2015.

Tina Allen of service provider Smile Together told This is Scilly News: "We can confirm that Monica will be leaving the islands but she is not departing immediately and will continue to work over the summer period.

"We understand the importance of continuing to provide a dentist on the islands and therefore we are actively recruiting to replace Monica. As part of that recruitment plan that is in place, it is our intention to discuss with local media, and other key partners on the island, how we can best work together to enhance our media and recruitment presence locally and nationally.

"We also understand that it is essential residents are kept fully informed and it is our intention to do this through local media and Healthwatch."

Carol Clarke of Healthwatch said that Smile Together has offered assurances that the islands will not have a gap in dental provision as was the case before Monica took on the role.

She said: "Healthwatch has raised issues with Smile Together and we are working together. We all hope that it will be a smooth transition."

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