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Andrew George to stand in election: 'I need your help'

Scilly's former MP Andrew George has confirmed that he will stand in the June 8th General election after receiving "thousands" of supportive messages.

Andrew, who represented the constituency that includes Scilly on behalf of the Liberal Democrats from 1997 until 2015, previously asked his former constituents if they wanted him to stand again.

He wrote on his Facebook page earlier this week: "As a Cornishman, it's not my style to be presumptuous and, in any case, I could not declare until I'd consulted others. It would not have been fair to the many colleagues with whom I have established project work which cannot simply be dropped at short notice."

Andrew, who lost to Conservative Derek Thomas in 2015, went on to ask his supporters for help with his campaign.

He posted yesterday: "If you want me to be your voice at Westminster again I urgently need your help. The Conservatives have big advantages, more resources and a massive war chest in the centre which we cannot match. We have a lot to do, and time is short."

He asked people to deliver leaflets, talk to friends and send money, saying: "And (I’m afraid) I need your donations - we don’t have big business or trade unions funding us (and calling the shots) and campaigns cost money: please give what you can."

Derek Thomas is also standing for re-election on behalf of the Conservatives.


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