Derek Thomas MP: 'I've stuck to my commitments'

Scilly's MP Derek Thomas has said that he hopes to succeed in the upcoming general election but realises that nothing is guaranteed.

Derek was elected to represent the St Ives constituency for the Conservative Party in 2015, taking over from Liberal Democrat Andrew George.

He said of predictions of a resurgence in the Liberal Democrat vote in the South West: "I've worked hard and stuck clearly to commitments I made in 2015. I've focused my efforts on campaigning for the skills we need, better paid jobs, housing to meet local need and meaningful integration of health and social care.

"I entered into a vocation fully aware that I will be judged by the electorate at some point and I will set out how I intend to continue to work hard for West Cornwall and Scilly if re-elected. It is in the gift of the electorate to choose their next MP. I hope to succeed but recognise that nothing's guaranteed."

Asked if Prime Minister Theresa May made the right decision in calling a snap election for June 8, he told This is Scilly News: "I'm a fan of fixed-term Parliaments as they provide stability and the time to deliver the Government's manifesto as the electorate expect. However, whilst I was not expecting an election I recognise that, now article 50, has been triggered it's right that the British public give a fresh mandate to the Government.

"This is important and increases, in my opinion, the ability of whoever succeeds to get the best possible deal for the UK."

Derek also denied that the timing of the election was influenced by news that the CPS is to potentially charge up to 30 Conservative MPs with election fraud, raising the spectre of bi-elections.

He said: "The investigation continues irrespective of this general election and whatever the result. Personally I feel for the MPs involved as they acted and reported their expenditure exactly as advised by Conservative Central Office and within the law as we understand it."

Of Labour and UK's poor showing in the polls, he added: "Clearly the PM is confident of securing a larger majority which is important in order to navigate confidently through the process of exiting the EU.

"However, the polls are simply a reflection of public opinion and the public clearly believe Theresa is the strong, straight talking leader the nation needs. Polls are simply a measure of how well each party is connecting with the public."

Andrew George said yesterday that he will stand again if his former constituents wish him to.


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