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Andrew George: 'I'll stand in the election if you want'

Scilly's former MP Andrew George has asked his previous constituents for their views on whether he should stand in the upcoming general election.

Andrew, who represented the constituency that includes Scilly on behalf of the Liberal Democrats from 1997 until 2015, said he has not made up his mind whether he will put himself forward on June 8.

He posted on his Facebook page: "Do people here seriously want to help me fight the politics of greed prejudice and fear? To effectively challenge those who are driving the UK towards a self-harming hard-Brexit. Or do they just want to divide into protest factions and let a loyal biddable Tory in by default?

"Whether we like it or not we have an electoral system which gives you a straight choice here – either the Tory or, if I stand, myself, a self-confessed independent-minded Liberal Democrat. No other Party has ever got close."

Andrew, who lost to Conservative Derek Thomas in 2015, went on to outline the principles on which he would stand, saying about Brexit: "I should make it clear that, although we campaigned strongly to remain, the Liberal Democrats accept the decision of the referendum, but will do all we can to fight the kamikaze course of the Tories who want to take Britain into the self-destructive and high risk gamble of a hard-Brexit.

"Cornwall risks becoming a massive loser in these negotiations. I will fight for Cornwall to get the investment and support we deserve."

He added: "My question to local electors is to ask if there is the wisdom amongst those who share the Centre-left/progressive perspective to work together to defeat the Conservative here and in many other seats in the country. Or would people prefer the luxury of arguing, even to the point of our mutually assured destruction?

"So I am asking if you want me to stand on these terms? If you agree that those who broadly agree with each other should work together here then we can give ourselves – and those we purport to represent – hope for the future, hope that the Conservatives can be defeated.

"If you’d like me to stand or not stand please let me know. I will make my mind up soon."


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