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Airport 'to operate on reduced hours' in May

St Mary's Airport will operate on reduced hours in May due to a staff shortage.

Detail from photo by SCY TV

An announcement on its Facebook page said that reduced air traffic control capacity means they may have to restrict visitors at certain times.

It read: 'Due to an ATC staff shortage, during May we will unfortunately be having to operate on reduced hours on certain days. This will take effect from the 3rd May, for which a NOTAM [Notice to Airmen] has been issued.

'Can we please ask all our Visiting Flights for patience during these periods as we may have to place restrictions on visitors during peak scheduled flight times. Thank you and here's to a great Summer of Flying to you all!'

A Council spokesman further explained: "The airport has reduced air traffic control capacity. This is due in part to recruitment but also the extremely small size of the team which means that from time to time our hours of operation are restricted. "We have recently advertised for a position and will be interviewing after Easter. We are also continuing to invest in existing staff, supporting them to undertake the necessary training to fill air traffic control positions in future."

He went on to offer reassurance that the measures would not affect Easter or the World Pilot Gig Championships between April 28-30. "We are working closely with Skybus to choose the days of the week that will pose the least possible disruption to travellers. As part of this we have worked to ensure there are no restrictions over the Easter weekend or Gig weekend."


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