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Methodists appeal for Chapel funds

Methodists on Scilly are appealing for help to fund urgent electrical work at the Chapel on St Mary's.

The building needs to be completely rewired, with contractors ready to start in May if the money can be found. Methodist minister Jane Wilcox said: "While we're still able to use the Chapel and the electrics there, the wiring has actually been condemned for about a year. People have been very helpful but we need to find the money to do this work. It has to be done for safety reasons, it's not an option." She said the organisation is hoping to raise as much money as possible towards the work - estimated to cost £25,000 - through various fundraising activities. They have also launched an internet crowdfunding page for people to donate online. Jane said: "The Chapel is not used as much in winter months but it is used every week and the hall at the back is used during the week too. It's used regularly in the summer. "We're trying to raise as much as we can ourselves and also trying to use social media to bring this to the attention of people who have benefited from going to the Chapel and may be happy to give us a little something to help. Anything at all would be wonderful." People wishing to contribute to the work can send a check to The Manse, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JT, visit the Justgiving appeal page or drop an envelope in to the Manse.


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