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Scilly power cable repairs delayed by weather

Attempts to repair the submarine power cable linking the Isles of Scilly to the National Grid have again been delayed due to the weather.

Western Power said that it has been working to asses the damage since Monday, but a poor weather forecast forced engineers to return to their base in Portland. ​ The company posted on Twitter earlier today: "Specialist engineers have been working round the clock at Scilly but the weather's not helping." ​ Residents on the islands have been relying on generators at the power station since the cable failed, with fuel brought in by the Gry Maritha. The fault occurred at the end of February, making this the longest the islands have been without mainland electricity since the link was installed in 1988. ​ Western Power said that it hopes to return to Scilly on Tuesday, after which repairs could take between five and ten days to complete. ​ Engineers will use a remotely operated underwater vehicle to cut the cable and bring it to the surface for repairs on their vessel. ​ The cause of the failure, located 17km off Land's End, is unconfirmed but it is believed a boat dragged its anchor and damaged two or more cables.

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