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Scilly water transfer preparations 'well advanced'

Preparations for the transfer of the Isles of Scilly's water and sewerage provision to South West Water have been described as "well advanced".

Pennon Group Plc, which owns South West Water, provided the update in its newly-published end of year financial results.

CEO Chris Loughlin told Utility Week: “We have been informally helping for many years and should take responsibility in April 2020.”

South West Water plan to invest up to around £36 million in Scilly’s infrastructure by 2025, followed by a further £17 million by 2030.

The Council's Lead Member for Place Steve Sims said the transfer still has to go through Parliament.

“It’s great news. It's taken a huge amount of work all the way from the team at the coal face and the Town Hall locally to South West Water, OfWat, the Drinking Water Inspectorate and Defra elsewhere.

“There is a big remaining issue because the islands opted out of the 1989 privatisation act and the process requires a change in legislation to bring us in, which has to go through Parliament. It should be a pretty mundane housekeeping exercise but as we all know Parliament’s eyes are very much elsewhere at the moment, but I have every confidence that with a bit of a push the act will be amended in good time."

Pennon Group Plc announced during last year's financial results that a license expansion has been agreed by DEFRA with water regulator Ofwat to cover Scilly.


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