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Children's cricket programme starts this week

An 8-week cricket programme for 5 to 8-year-olds starts on St Mary’s this Friday.

Five Islands Academy teacher Nick Hodgin, who describes himself as "cricket mad", has set up All Stars Cricket on the islands with the help of Kane Goddard and Mark 'Pixie' Hicks.

The activity and game-based programme is suitable for all skill levels and aims to "provide children with the foundations to begin a lifelong love of physical activity and cricket, while making friends in a safe and enjoyable environment".

The course, which costs £40, runs at the Five Islands Academy playing field every Friday between 5 and 6pm until July 12th.

Nick said: "I am hoping that most of the families on the islands will sign up as it is a great fun event and each child gets a bat, ball, rucksack, hat and personalised T-shirt. I was involved as a parent two years ago where my daughter completed a session in Somerset and loved it so much she asked me to put it on here."

Parents can find out more at the Scilly All Stars Cricket Facebook group, the ClubSpark website or by emailing Nick on nodge1@me.com.


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