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Concern expressed over hedgerow trimming

Scilly's AONB Partnership has expressed concern that hedgerows on Scilly are being cut in bird breeding season.

Government legislation states that hedge cutting is only permitted between September and March unless the hedges is a hazard to road users.

In his update from the February 11th AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) Partnership meeting, Cllr Jonathan Smith wrote: "There has been some concern that some hedges on Scilly are being cut in bird breeding season, against all conservation advice and Defra’s legislation. An updated leaflet and webpage on hedgerow management alongside roads has been published. The basic advice is to cut hedges only in the winter months, therefore preventing any damage to breeding birds.

"The Partnership is also working to inform land managers of the issues too. Spring and summer cutting of hedges is not common, however it does occur and will have localised negative impacts on breeding birds. National legislation makes clear that hedge cutting is only permitted from 1st September to 28th February, except in exceptional circumstances."

The AONB Partnership consists of representatives from organisations including the Council, Duchy of Cornwall, Islands’ Partnership, Isles of Scilly IFCA, Tresco Estate, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, Natural England, the Environment Agency, English Heritage and the RSPB.

Find out more about Scilly's AONB at its updated website www.scillyaonb.org.uk.


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