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Buzza Bus used more than 8,600 times last year

The Age UK Buzza Bus made 8,625 journeys on the Isles of Scilly in the last year.

The bus carried 231 passengers in the 12 months from October 2017.

The vehicle operates a door-to-door dial-a-ride service on St Mary’s for residents over 60 and those with mobility issues.

Passengers from the off-islands can travel from the quay to wherever they would like to go on St Mary's.

Some 2,861 of the single trips were for health-related purposes, 2,000 were social and 1,743 were for shopping.

The bus, driven by Dave Maybrey, is part of the Better Care Fund's Access to Services Scheme, which also includes Concessionary Boat Fares. The Concessionary Fares scheme has 92 registered users and saw 2,191 single trips and 24 health passes for appointments on St Mary’s across the year.


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