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Jude Law "happiest" in Isles of Scilly

Actor Jude Law has said that he is happier in the Isles of Scilly than anywhere else in Britain.

In a promotional video for upcoming film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the Cold Mountain star said visiting Scilly is "like going back in time".

Law, who regularly holidays on St Martins, added: "They are very beautiful places."

The video, which also features the movie's writer/director Guy Ritchie and star Charlie Hunnam, is part of an international campaign from VisitBritain in collaboration with Warner Bros Pictures to showcase why Britain is a ‘legendary’ tourist destination.

Law also wrote the introduction to St Martins resident Toby Tobin-Dougan's book The Island Ingredient, in which he wrote: "Few places, in the world are as private, or hold such personal affection, as St Martins does for me. It reminds me of all the good things, not only about England, but on the world on which we live; a beautiful environment filled with changing skies, empty beaches, soaring rocks and rolling green.

"Peaceful people living at life's sensible pace and a community with enough sense of self to embrace visitors warmly. My family never feel safer than there; I never feel happier."

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